If you would like to contribute to the Draylen Mason Fellows Program, please do so below. All donations go directly towards the selected fellows. 

The Draylen Mason Fellows Program is a full-scholarship initiative of Austin Soundwaves designed to honor the legacy of Draylen Mason and help further the musical and personal development of high school musicians.

Draylen Mason Fellows will receive free weekly private lessons, as well as access to a network of musicians, mentors, and past fellows. Fellows will also get to participate in two summer retreats and will receive a stipend to offset costs related to the development of their creative work.

Most notably, fellows will work together throughout the year on a capstone performance project that will use art as a means to bridge divides in their community and address a pressing social or political issue.


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The Hispanic Alliance is grateful to all who have contributed to the Draylen Mason Fellows Program:



Laura Dahl

Jodi Wygmans

The staff and students of BRAVO Youth Orchestras

Yevgeniy Sharlat

Ellen Morrissey

Lizzy DuQuette

Eric Booth

Isabel Trautwein

Genevieve Guimond and Josh Fink

Odilia Leal-McBride

Anna Roenigk

Eddy Kwon

Laura Jekel

Jane Sandberg

Trina Collins

Soll Sussman & Patricia Hubbard

Michele G. and family

Lisa Soo Hoo

Kathy Lansford

Catherine Gauger

Brian Chang

Trinity Episcopal School 


Judy and Tom Fairey

Peter and Linda Uhrig

Julie & Bob Schriber

Nancy Huber Wilson

Dr. Karen E Bell

Peter Bay and Mela Dailey

Carla Rae Petievich

Elizabeth A Lilly

Meryl P Dominguez

Lisa Polsby

Laura H, Oberlin Class of 2002

Sandra Donover, Oberlin Class of 1988

Tim McCarthy

Mary Anne Hardy

COA Health Department

Susan Lamb Cook

Evan Kersey, Michael Kersey, & Karen Cleary

Mt Sinai Church

Ernestine Houston

Debbie Gossett

Hedrich Michaelsen

Julie Davis

Jennifer Monroe


The Murphys

Rachel Wetter

David Herndon & Dealey D Herndon

Jordan Price

The Kelble Family

Tamara Dworetz

Alyssa Hensel

Kerstin Breidenthal

Clarissa Lyons

Ray Beran

Andrea Kalyn

Jonathan Ramirez

Peter McCoy

Jory Strosberg

Joe Maloney

Helen Austerlitz

Paul Marbach

The Rev. Nancy Roth, Oberlin Class of 1958

Picardy Learning

Linda F Brown

Martin Thomson